Our mission is to share the Joys of Travel through customized safaris that are tailored to your personal tastes and preferences.

Adventures fill your soul; every journey you take is a new chapter to a beautiful life. Travel gives you not tangible things. It is like a symphony to your soul, a song so cool you can almost touch it.

When you are out in a Safari, every nerve in your body is awakened. You cherish the wind on your face as you race through the Savannah. The echo of your laughter through the thick forests of Kenya is crazing. Your body throbs in the warm sand as you lay on the great beaches of the Indian Ocean.

In simple terms, it’s the experiences that matter the most. They feed your soul!

Here at Shanjoy Tours and Safaris, we are dedicated to make every moment of your safari exceptional. From a one-man-show with only one car to a fleet of tour vehicles and a dedicated team, we have continued to make safari dreams come true for hundreds of our clients.

Every day, we are scouring the savannah to make sure your adventures with us is truly unforgettable.


    Diverse Destination

    Kenya is a diverse ecosystem with unmatched experiences. Whether you want to trace the wild through bush tours, climb the Kenyan Mountains, relax in the tropical beaches or enjoy a wild drive excursion, we got you covered.

    Value for Money

    We ensure that every one of our clients receives value for money by delivering our perfect travel promise through quality service and giving you the best, most negotiated offers in East Africa. Your delight is to share the Joy of travel with as many special people as possible

    Customized Services

    Our team of expert tour consultants will work with you to ensure a tailor-made safari that meets your personal tastes and preferences. The experience will be forever memorable. Try us, we will deliver.

    Excellent Customer Service

    You will be met by team passionate individuals who genuinely care. You will also receive around the clock support from our experts and knowledgeable guides all through your Safari.


    We handle all the details of planning your Safari including; accommodations, airport-hotel transfers, excursions and destinations to visit all the while keeping to a schedule so that your Kenya safari adventures are hassle-free and memorable.

    Depth Knowledge of Market

    We have a broad knowledge about the Kenya destinations and the local culture. From expert advices to personalized tour guidance, we make sure you get a maximum experience form your tour.


    Our clients deserve the very best always with no exceptions. Every request made to ensure their tour in Kenya goes well shall be fulfilled.